Wood Veneer Week!

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer pieces make great little finishing touches on all your crafty projects! They come in dozens, if not hundreds!, of shapes and sizes and finished. This week we'll share how to use these bits of fun, starting with a layout by Heather Leopard (Blog: Heather Leopard | Instagram: @heatherleopard | Pinterest: @heatherleopard | Twitter: @heatherleopard):

Heather Leopard


Oh so lovely by Heather Leopard American Crafts
Supplies: Shimelle collection – (368138) – Grady paper,  (368152) – Haynes paper, (368141) – Hopper paper, (368149) – Curie paper, (368145) – Herschel paper, (368140) – Keller paper, (368173) – die cut cardstock shapes, (368175) – wood veneer, (368180) – precision pen set; Photo by Krissy McKee

How to: The wood veneer comes with fun patterns and sentiments on them but it’s great to personalize them for your project. They are super easy to add pops of color to them. I simply colored in the large ampersand using pink watercolor and then traced around the edges using the pink pen from Shimelle’s collection. I used a similar treatment on the little heart but kept the middle of it with its natural color to make it pop on the page. I then traced the two banners with the aqua pen just because.

Oh so lovely details by Heather Leopard American Crafts



Want a chance to get your hands on some wood veneer? (Please note the prize may differ from what is shown – this is just an example of some of the wood veneer packages American Crafts makes!)

Wood veneer giveaway

Leave a comment on this post by Friday October 10th 2014 and tell us what kind of wood veneer is your favorite! Winner will be announced with Friday's post. Good luck to all!