Wood Veneer Frame Tutorial by Nicole Samuels

Here today to share a step-by-step photo tutorial of a neat way to dress up a frame with wood veneer is Nicole Samuels! (Blog: Nicole Samuels | Instagram: @nicsamuels | Pinterest: @nsameuls | Twitter: @nicsamuels)

Nicole Samuels

Supplies: Studio Calico Snippets (SNWV3-31339) – Wood Veneer Shapes; Other: Frame, spray paint

1. Gather your supplies. You will need a frame (with the glass and backing removed), some craft glue, a can of spray paint (find the kind that covers a variety of surfaces), and wood veneer shapes. An old cardboard box serves as a perfect spraying station.
2. Decide if you want a pattern to your veneer or if you will apply it in a more random fashion. You might want to move the pieces around to get the right design. Once you have the design set, start gluing the veneer onto the frame.
3. After all the veneer pieces are glued down, let your frame dry for a bit.
4. Apply the first coat of spray paint. It's best to apply many light coats instead of one or two heavy coats. The lighter coats will adhere better and you will avoid paint drips. Allow the frame to dry between coats.
5. Once the frame and veneer is fully covered with paint and is dry, add your photo and enjoy your handiwork!
We love how easy this frame is to make and how cute it turned out!