Winter Gift Box Tutorial by Nicole Samuels

Need a little pick-me-up? This wintery-box by Nicole Samuels (Blog: Nicole Samuels | Instagram: @nicsamuels | Pinterest: @nsameuls | Twitter: @nicsamuels) is sure to do the trick!

Nicole Samuels


Supplies: Stitched – Embroidery Kit, Hello (368906); Serendipity – Patterned Paper, Flora (368953), Meadow (368955)

1. I found an awesome website that allows you to customize the dimensions of a paper box and then creates a printable template for that box. All for free! Just go to and find the type of box you'd like to make. I used the "box with lid" option and these are the dimensions I typed in:


2. Print out the template created by the website. If you don't have a wide format printer you may have to print it in sections depending on how large of a box you want to make. Cut out the template and the patterned paper you want to use. Score along the dotted lines on the template and fold along those lines.

Box1 Box2

3. I added some cross stitching to the top of my box using one of the Stitched embroidery kits and some yellow floss. I think it's easier to add this before you fold it into shape.

Box3 Box4

4. Cut some skinny strips of patterned papers (I used the scraps from the two I used for my box) and accordion fold them to form some box "stuffing".


5. Fill your box with goodies and brighten someone's day!

Box6 Paperbox

Such a sweet and heartfelt gift!