Why We Love The Colorfun Planner

Hi American Crafts fans! I’m so excited to share my Colorfun planner project with you. Let’s dive into planning! I always feel more effective when I write down my to-do list on paper. The Colorfun Planner line by Damask Love is so vibrant and happy. The planners are handy, easy to use, and are very high quality. My favorite is the shiny golden binder. Look how beautiful!

I decorated my planner with these super cool clear stickers. I really like big and bold titles, plus they cheer up the whole page. The vibrant colors give a great vibe to every Monday, making it easier to start your week. 

One thing I love about this planner is that it gives you enough space to be creative. There is plenty of space for creativity on top of your regular schedule or to-do list. It’s super customizable, so it’s all up to you how you wish to use the planner. The sticky notes are super helpful and you can easily replace them or use them as embellishments. 

My other favorite item from this collection are the metal charms. I decided to use them as a bookmark! How cute is that pink cassette? I can’t stop admiring it!

I also placed a pocket where I can storage important notes and letters. It is easy to replace the pages inside, so you can reuse this planner over and over! I have also done my meal planning and created a grocery list inside this planner. The possibilities are endless. I am also amazed by the quality of the cover, binder, and insert pages. You can find this collection and all the goodies at Office Depot!

Thanks for stopping by here today! Happy planning!

Used supplies: 

Supplies: American Crafts – Damask Love Colorfun Planner, Clear Stickers Pockets, Sticky Notes, Charms, Dual Tip Markers, Pen Case