Vintage Globe Tutorial by Meghann Andrew

Meghann Andrew (Blog: Meghann Andrew | Instagram: @meghannandrew | Pinterest: @meghann_andrew | Twitter: @meghannandrew) has a tutorial to teach us how to make this awesome vintage globe!

Meghann Andrew


Step 5
Supplies: 12"x12" Paper Pad (366665)- DIY Shop, Chalkboard Paint (CBP845-66868)- DIY Shop, Soiree Glitter Foam Thickers (366185)- Polka Dot Party

I love seeing painted globes on Pinterest, but vintage globes can get quite pricey and if I spend a lot of money for one the last thing I would want to do is paint it! I decided that I could make my own globe to paint with only a few supplies. 
Step 1
First, I purchased a smooth styrofoam ball. The size is completely optional, but the larger the ball, the more likely you will need more than one piece of 12"x12" paper to cover it. I used a vintage map-print paper from the DIY Shop paper pad as well as all-purpose liquid glue, the awesome new DIY Shop chalkboard paint from American Crafts, and any style of foam Thickers that you choose. 
Step 2
I started by applying the liquid glue in one small section, tearing off a small piece of map-print paper (no bigger than a 2"x2" piece) and pressing & smoothing it out with my fingertips so that it adhered fully to the rounded surface of the ball. I continued until the entire ball was covered with paper. Even though I'm painting part of my globe, I want the texture of the surface to be cohesive around the whole globe.
Step 3
Next, I applied a piece of washi tape around the middle of the globe, where my paint line will end. Be sure to press the tape so that it adheres to your paper and creates a clean paint line. After that was in place, I applied foam Thickers. Again, be sure to press them down so that you have a clean line around your words. 
Step 4
My next step was painting using the American Crafts black chalk paint. I used a small brush so that I could get into the small spaces around the letters. As soon as I had the area around my Thickers painted, I quickly removed them so that they didn't stick to the globe. I then continued to paint the remainder of the bottom portion of my globe. Once dry, I put it on a candle base and displayed it with other globes in my daughter's room.
Step 5
Thank you for the unique tutorial Meghann! It turned out awesome!