Create Fun School Lunch Notes

Hello crafty friends!  It’s that time of year again, where we send the kids back to school! We covet their school supplies, we dance through the empty house and, of course, we miss them like crazy.  My oldest son is going into the first grade this year, which is thrilling, because now I can officially put notes in his lunch every day and I know he can read them!  I decided to create a lunch note station that will live in the pantry and help me maintain my lunch note habit throughout the school year.  

Back to School Lunch Notes 1
I wanted the notes to be fun for my little man, so I decided to create paper fortune cookies and daily fortunes using the Go Now Go collection by Shimelle.  I love the rich colors in the collection, perfect for my boy, but also for the upcoming fall.  I began by gathering and prepping my supplies and choosing a cute little container.  You will need everything you see here as well as your own darling container.  
Back to school lunch notes 2
The Go Now Go acrylic stamp set was absolutely perfect for this project.  I stamped and cut two sheets of the “Today” label image, which gave me a month’s worth of notes. I recommend stamping them onto plain printer paper and folding them lengthwise as they will fit in the cookie better and stick out more to give you that classic fortune cookie look.  I then die-cut 30 circles from a number of the Go Now Go patterned papers.  I used a 3.5" circle die and would not recommend going any smaller than that.  This step was definitely the most time consuming, but is a perfect TV task, if you are binge watching a favorite show.  
Back to school lunch notes 3 

Next, I prepped a few cookies as the first week of school is always a bit hectic around here.  I wrote out a few notes and folded them into cookies, following the technique below. 

Back to School Lunch Notes 4

1.      Fold your circle in half and make a small crease in the middle of the fold.

2.      Unfold your cookie and fold it in half again, so that the crease you made is now perpendicular to the new fold. Do not crease the new fold.

3.      Push the center/crease of the cookie inward as you pull the top and bottom of the cookie in the opposite direction.  Take your right hand off the outer edge of the cookie as it folds.

4.      Once your cookie is folded and your fortune has been tucked inside, add a sticky dot to the center of the cookie to help hold its shape.

Back to School lunch notes 5

Make sure you have a few good pens and enough sticky dots to get you through the first month and your lunch note station will be ready for the first day of school!  

Back to school lunch notes 6

I hope your school year is a great one!  Happy crafting!


Supplies: Go Now Go Clear Acrylic Stamps (375277), Go Now Go 12 x 12 Paper Pad (375268), American Crafts – Precision Pen (62383), American Crafts Creative Zen Coloring Markers – Jewel (374274), American Crafts Sticky Thumb – Sticky Dots (340275)