Tie DIY Masks by Jerodelle Trinidad

Hello crafty friends! I have a very fun and colorful project for you today!

I partnered up with Tie DIY to make these super fun masks. Having to wear masks will probably be a ‘thing’ we have to adapt to for a little while so why not make some fun ones to wear when we go out in public?! Here is what I have come up with:

To create these fun masks, all you need are blank white masks and the Tie DIY kit from American Crafts that you can find at your local Michaels.

This kit has everything you need for your tie-dye projects. It comes with 12 squeezable bottles that contain pre-mixed dye so you don’t have to add anything to it. It also has 50 rubber bands, 12 protective gloves, and one drop cloth.

I started with pinching and twisting the middle of each mask and twisted the fabric as tight as I could. When I was satisfied with my “twist” I put rubber bands across the mask to hold it in place. I did not wet the mask at all because I wanted more vibrant colors. I repeated those same steps with the second mask and then I did the fun part: I picked colors I wanted and I just poured the dye in different sections of the mask and made sure I had the same color on the top and bottom. I then placed the mask on top of a rack and let it dry for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours I rinsed them with water – make sure you wear gloves for this part as well!

After I rinsed them all, I washed and dried them and they are now ready for use! Tie-DIY is super trendy right now and if you wanted to try it out, get this kit! It really has all the tools that you need and the color payoff is amazing! I mean, look at how my masks turned out! I would love to see how your project turned out by posting it on social media and tag #makeitwithmichaels #americancrafts #tieDIY Happy Crafting!

Supplies used: Tie-DIY kit – 34003377