This Colorfun Planner Inspiration is Everything

Welcome to a new blog post here on the American Crafts Blog! Today is all about the Colorfun Planner Collection by Damask Love. If you like bright and fun colors for your planner projects, then this collection is the right thing for you! The planners come in so many adorable designs. I used the fancy Pink Glitter planner (7966376). It’s just the right thing to brighten your days. 

I picked a pink divider with the mix tape design (6992444). Next, I added a large sticker that says ‘I’m going places’ onto the front. I also added one of the paper clips with tassels (8327236). The mix tape pattern reminds me of my childhood. Today I’m sharing my monthly overview for March with you. 

I decorated the March divider with a large sticky note, and the Rub-On Tap Runners (8327236). They have cute designs like hearts, stripes, and envelopes. The lipstick is a fun ephemera piece that comes with the collection. 

To highlight the days, I colored in the little squares with Gel Pens. The gel pens come in amazing colors and write so smoothly. Next, I added the dates with a black pen.

The stickers, sticky notes, and Rub-On Tape Runners from the Colorfun Planner Collection give you plenty of options to decorate your planner. 

The paper clips with tassels help you to stay organized. Clip them onto a page to find the current month or a special date you want to remember. 

The dividers have cool slip-in pockets to keep little notes, letters, or journaling cards. 

The Colorfun Planner collection comes with a variety of fun items to make your planner projects great. I hope you have had some inspiration to decorate your own!

Supplies: American Crafts – Damask Love Colorfun Planner | Planner (7966376), Stickers (6055511, 5147694, 7869524), Dividers (6992444), Sticky Notes (8024075), Paper Clips with Tassels (8327236), Magnetic Bookmarks (6164813, Rub-On Runners (5068293), Gel Pens Set (356282)