Summer Guest Designer: Corinne Smilovici

Guest Designer

The Summer Week Guest Designer is the amazing Corinne Smilovici! (Blog: Corinne Smilovici | Instagram: @corinne_smilovici | Pinterest: @luckycorinne | Twitter: @luckycorinne)

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Short bio: Hello!! My name is Corinne Smilovici from Panama City, Panama. I'm the lucky wife of Edgar for 12 years and proud mom of Roberto, Jaime Daniel, and Henry. I really love to relax doing scrapbooking, taking photos, and watching a good game of tennis! I am a fashionista girl in love with New York City and a book lover too!

How did you get started scrapbooking? In 2004 I went to a friend's house and she showed me what scrapbook was. I fell in love right then and there with the idea of creating and sharing my memories with my family and friends. Scrapbooking for me is therapeutic, it even helped me with depression after losing my father in a car accident 4 years ago. My friends and I have crops almost every Wednesday and it's kind of a ritual πŸ™‚
What is your favorite American Crafts product? Without a doubt I would have to say Thickers and the huge array of colors and different kinds of letters available. Other products I can mention as favorites are brads, tags, and of course, roller stamps (I even collect them!).

2014 SUMMER by Corinne Smilovici

How fun are these pockets? I love the vibrant colors for my summer photos.

Supplies: Pockets with inserts – (366973) Bits, Glitter foam stickers -(366959) thickers,Screenprinted clothespins -366972) whittles, Sunnyday -(366947) # summer, Die cuts shapes -(366968) Bits, Swimsuit -(366956) #summer, Blueskies -(366953) #summer, Adhesive badges -(366966) flair, Sotheby’s -(330109) remarks

HELLO SUNSHINE by Corinne Smilovici

This one is my favorite! Here in Panama we have long summers and we like to enjoy every minute of it.

Supplies: AC cardstock -(71259) White, Coldtreats – (366957) #summer, Catch a wave – (366958)  #summer, Sunnyday – (366947) #summer, Blueskies – (366953) #summer, Smile – (366952) #summer, Die cut cadstock shapes – (366971) bits, Journaling and phrases sticker book – (366963) remarks, Adhesive badges – (366966) flair

HAVE FUN CARD by Corinne Smilovici

I use my stitching machine everytime I want to add small details to my projects. Many layers of patterned papers and a big title. Voila! 

Supplies: Pinwheels – (366970), delights, Glitter foam stickers – (366959) thickers, Screenprinted clothespins – (366972) whittles, Beachtowel – (366954)  #summer, Popsicles – (366951) #summer, Sunnyday – (366947) #summer

RASPAO by Corinne Smilovici

Raspao is shaved ice, and it's a must in summer days. Here I clutter many items to create a busy layout and dare to get out of my comfort zone.

Supplies: AC cardstock -(71259) White, Sunglasses – (366955) #summer, Blueskies – (366953) #summer, Smile – (366952) #summer, Beachtowel – (366954) #summer, Roadtrip – (366948) #summer, Catch a wave – (366958) #summer, Cork stickers – (366965) #summer, Photo overlays – (366969) #summer, Screenprinted clothespins – (366972) whittles, Adhesive badges – (366966) flair, Glitter foam stickers -(366959) thickers, Journaling and phrases sticker book – (366963) remarks, Pinwheels -(366970) delights

PROJECT LIFE WEEK 12 by Corinne Smilovici

I am hooked on Project Life. I finished the 52 weeks last year and it felt so good. I like to keep it simple or very busy. I am loving stitching too! 

Supplies: Smile – (366952) #summer, Sunnyday – (366947) #summer, Popsicles – (366951) #summer, Photo overlays – (366969) #summer, Pockets with inserts – (366973) Bits, Glitter foam stickers -(366960) thickers, Die cut cadstock shapes – (366971) bits, Journaling and phrases sticker book – (366963) remarks, Acrylic stamp – (366974, stamp, Adhesive badges – (366966) flair, Catch a wave – (366958) #summer, Swimsuit – (366956) #summer, Wood veneer – (366964) bits, Cork stickers – (366965) #summer

Thank you so much for guest designing for us Corinne!