Stitched Frame Tutorial by Gina Lideros

Today Gina Lideros (Blog: Gina Lideros | Instagram: @ginalideros | Pinterest: @gina_lideros | Twitter: @ginalideros) is going to show us in a step-by-step photo tutorial how to make an amazing stitched frame:

Gina Lideros


Supplies: Geyser (71469) – Cardstock, Dear Lizzy Daydreamer 6×6 (366767) – Paper Pads, Amy Tangerine Cut and Paste (366086) – Paper Pads, Jacks Paper (366755) – Daydreamer, Marbles Paper (366749) – Daydreamer, Bike Ride Paper (366751) – Daydreamer, Flying Kites Paper 366754) – Daydreamer, Hide N Seek Paper (366746) – Daydreamer, Hula Hoop Paper (366760) – Daydreamer, Juggling Paper (366757) – Daydreamer, Jump Rope Paper (366753) – Daydreamer, Paper Planes Paper (366748) – Daydreamer, Red Rover Paper (366744) – Daydreamer, See Saw Paper (366758) – Daydreamer, Treasure Hunt Paper (366752) – Daydreamer, Blossom Paper (366042) – Cut and Paste, Heart Throb Paper (3664) – Cut and Paste, Infatuation Paper (366030) – Cut and Paste, On The Edge Paper (366043) – Cut and Paste, Postmarked Paper (366044) – Cut and Paste, Section 1 Paper (366033) – Cut and Paste, Grainy Goodness Paper (366049) – Cut and Paste, Sorbet Paper (366048) – Cut and Paste, A Lister (366029) – Cut and Paste, My  Thoughts Exactly (366052) – Cut and Paste, Cut Up Scissors Value Pack (AC420) – Tools, This To That (AM617-13) – Adhesive

Step 1: Gather paper trimmer, cardstock, scissors, patterned papers, adhesive, sewing machine, and thread.


Step 2: Trim patterned papers into 3/4" strips (width), the length can vary. Tip: you are going to want different lengths when you start laying them in a pattern.



Step 3: Starting from the bottom of your cardstock and working across, start adhering patterned paper strips in a brick like fashion.



Continue step 3, follow the brick pattern until you have filled up the entire page. I had little pieces on the ends that I went back in and filled up last.


Step 4: Use a sewing machine to stitch each paper strip down. I turned my paper sideways and sewed one line at a time in a vertical fashion using a straight stitch. You can also use a zig zag stitch for this, or use a combination of stitching techniques.



Step 5: After stitching the whole piece use your scissors to trim off any excess paper strips or thread you might have on the ends.



Display in a shadow box frame and enjoy!


Thanks Gina for sharing this great way to use up patterned paper scraps and make a beautiful piece of decor!