Stay Organized with the Day To Day Planner by Lucile Peignon

Hello crafty friends, Lucile here! Today I meet you for an article on my daily organization. I am part of the paper team planner, I have a lot of trouble getting organized on my phone. For this new year, I use my beautiful planner from the Day to Day collection. It has the perfect format and it’s very girly, I’m a fan! In addition, there are plenty of stickers, stamps, and extra pages to get organized!

The first thing I do to organize myself is my monthly view. Towards the end of the previous month, I write down all the important things for the coming month on a piece of paper. I note birthdays, my appointments, my trips, etc. My monthly view is filled throughout the month and as soon as an event is added, I note it. This page is very important to me, it allows me to have an overall view of my whole month.

I love sticking pieces of colored sheets on certain boxes to highlight certain events. To create visuals quick and easy, I like to use stencils. It’s also great when you don’t know how to draw!

When I have multi-day events or trips planned, I use a piece of paper or washi tape to group the different days. It’s very practical visually, you can easily see the days when you are not at home. In addition, it adds a decorative side to our monthly view! I really like adding the weather forecast for where I’m going, it helps me pack my suitcase.

I don’t know about you but I love beautiful writing! I’m not very good at lettering but I found a super quick tip. I use stamps! The stamps from the Day to Day collection are cool, there are lots of little words, lists, and numbers!

Once I have noted all my events, we move on to my favorite step: the decoration! You don’t have to decorate your planner but I find it motivating to have pages with lots of colors. I have fun sticking flowers everywhere. I also add a small monthly list so that I don’t forget the important things. For birthdays, I created a banner with flags of different colors.

Finally, I created a page that I added to my planner. I used a pink checkered sheet that I cut out. To decorate my page, I glued flowers all over the side then I cut out the holes with my planner punch board. On this page I write down my monthly goals and trackers. What is useful with disc planners is that I can move my page from week to week. I hope you liked my tips for being organized and my planner decoration ideas with the Day to Day collection. See you again soon!

Supplies used: Day to Day collection: Phrase Sticker Book with Foil Accents (ac-373046), Planner Punch Board – Adjustable (ac-373044), Clear Acrylic Stamps (ac-373047), Planner – Greenhouse (ac-373052), Icon Sticker Book with Foil Accents (ac-373094), Note Pages (ac-373050), Mini Sticker Book 2 (ac-373039), Stencils – Icons – Green (ac-373092), Mini Sticker Book 1 (ac-373038), Bookmark – Butterfly Charm (ac-373090), Mini Sticker Book 3 (ac-373040)