Spotlight: Gillian Nelson


Today we're welcoming new Design Team Member – Gillian Nelson – or "G" for short!
Gillian Nelson

Blog: Gillian Nelson

Instagram: @gnelson05

Pinterest: @gilliann

Twitter: @GillianNelson05

Location: Tualatin, OR

Short bio: Hi, I'm Gillian Nelson. "Jillian Nelson?" you might ask. Nope. Gillian Nelson. Guh. Gillian. I'm named after my Uncle Gil, so the "Gil" in my name is pronounced like his. But the majority of people want to pronounce it as Jillian. That's ok, though. After 40+ years of it, I just smile and nod when they do. If you'd like, you can call me "G". It's just easier. I'm a native of Arizona, but moved to the green state of Oregon six years ago. I do miss our family and friends in AZ, but man, have we found our perfect place. We all love it here, and by we, I mean my husband, Steve, and our three younger Nelsons. We're campers and computer nerds and Star Wars fans. And that pretty much sums us up. I started scrapbooking when I was pregnant with my oldest who is now a Sophomore in high school. The time has flown, my style has changed, but my passion for color and paper is just as strong now as it was 15 years ago. Paper has a direct connection to my soul and I know some of you are nodding right now as you read that. I love that about this hobby.

Favorite thing to scrap: I love scrapping the random, candid shots that I happen to catch during everyday life, and telling the stories behind them.

Favorite American Crafts product: I've been a fan of American Crafts brads since the beginning of time. (Yes, AC brads go back that far.) My most recent AC favorite has to be the Zing! embossing powders. They're magic in a little jar.

5 fun facts:
1. I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week. The hotter the better.
2. Escalators scare me. You don't want to stand behind me while trying to get on an escalator. It takes me a few moments to steel myself, and if you're in a hurry, you'll find me rather annoying. I apologize in advance should our paths ever cross at the top of one.
3. Ricky Gervais once tweeted a response to me. It was a happy face. So we're practically best friends. 
4. My iPhone told me as I was pulling it out of my jeans pocket one day that there were 13 fitness centers in my area. Not even kidding. And to make it even worse, this unsolicited information was given to me on my birthday. Siri hates me.
5. I have an Old Boston Bulldog named Wednesday who is a total mama's girl and I adore her. People insist that she's spoiled, but I argue that she's valued. There's a difference.


Supplies: Shimelle (368154) – Rubin Paper, (368145) – Herschel Paper, (368157) – Granville Paper, (368165) – Layered Chipboard Stickers; Haunted Hallow (368904) – 12×12 Paper Pack; Studio Calico Printshop (331715) – Wood Veneer Shapes-Circles with Words, (331714) – Wood Veneer Shapes-Hearts, (331737) – Sequins;  DIY (368165) - Chalkboard Tags, (366900) – Mini Stapler; Pens (PP05-62321) – Precision 0.5, (PP03-62311) – Precision 0.3, (CSGP-62585) - Candy Shop Gel-Pastel White; Remarks (42482) – JFK Sticker Book, This to That (AMF617-10) – Foam Tab Squares; Cardstock (AC71259) – White

How to: Trim the white cardstock to 8.5×11. Cut thin strips of varying widths from 4 patterned papers. Ink the edges of the strips, and adhere each strip to one chalkboard tag, near the bottom. Turn the tags on their sides, and adhere them to the right side of the page so that they're "stacked" vertically up the page. Ink the edges of the photo and adhere it towards the top of the right side of the page. Glue a small wood veneer heart to the chipboard "clipboard" embellishment, and adhere the piece to the page, overlapping the photo. Add two more wood veneer pieces towards the top and bottom of the layout to form a visual triangle with the small veneer heart. Add number stickers to the bottom tag along the edge of the page. Adhere gold star sequins. Staple the tag ties to the cardstock background. Add journaling to the tags using white ink, and to the left border of the page using black. Place foam tabs behind one corner of the photo and a corner of two of the tags to add a little more dimension.