Spotlight: Davinie Fiero

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Davinie Fiero
Name: Davinie Fiero

Location: Redmond, OR


Instagram: @davinie

Twitter: @Davinie


Short bio: I'm married to my local firefighter and mom to two sweet girls living on a couple of acres in Central Oregon. I recently earned my Master's Degree in Elementary Education and am proud to make that dream come true after taking the time to be at home with my girls when they were young. Cutting paper into bits is a passion of mine. I have always considered myself a creative and crafty person and am always on the lookout for new DIY projects for my home, recipes to make with vegetables from my garden, and scrapbook layouts to document my life.

Favorite thing to scrap: I have two daughters that fill my days with joy. We also have a little farm and will soon be welcoming a new puppy daughter which is about to turn our world upside down. We can't wait!

Favorite American Crafts product: There isn't a layout of mine that hasn't seen a Precision Pen and sitting nearby will likely be a Thicker with a few stitch marks from my sewing machine. American Crafts products are a staple in my craft room.

5 fun facts:

1. I am a Starbucks fan but always give my daughter's name when asked. It is much easier for baristas to remember "Morgan" than it is to try and say, let alone spell, my name. I'm a gold card holder. It's a lot of coffee.

2. My name Davinie is pronounced like "have any" and is a mixture of my parent's names, DAVId and BonNIE. I still have the piece of paper they were writing on when they were "boggling" to come up with something unique.

3. My favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice". It is my go to cinema when I'm crafting. I'm sorry…. but I've been bewitched, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love Mathew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley the best in this roll. I just do. I apologize to Colin Firth lovers everywhere.

4. I have a goal to run a half marathon this year. I just need someone to come over and kick me a few times so I can get on a good training schedule with a race that is at a good time of year. It's a huge item on my bucket list and I mean to do it soon.

5. I'm left handed. This may be a random fact, but it has made learning to knit on the internet and with patterns a challenge. Papercrafting came naturally to me. Knitting does not. I'm currently working on a throw blanket for my living room just to practice. A dream would be to knit a colorful afghan made of granny squares. And then a sweater. I just need to find the right tutorial on youtube.

FRIENDS CARD by Davinie Fiero 

Supplies: Polka Dot Party 6×6 paper pad (366214), die cut shapes (366205), large tags (366206), Amy Tangerine cut out accents (366060), bits (366074), embroidery stencil kit (366081), premium ribbon (366193), sunflower cardstock (71113)

Davinie says, "Long before it became cool, I have been an embroiderer. It is one of the first crafty things I did as a little girl. It has always been a relaxing technique for me to use, and it made an easy transition to papercrafting when scrapbooking became a big part of my life. The stitching templates created by Amy Tangerine are an easy way to incorporate this technique into your projects.  I have never used templates before, but decided to utilize them for my project this month and found them easy to use and they made this technique much simpler to add. Stitching has been part of my aesthetic but I have also always enjoyed texture. With that in mind, I chose a stitching pattern that covered the bulk of my card to provide an even amount of texture to the project. I trimmed a piece of patterned paper 4×4 and pierced the paper. I then arranged the template on the last row I pierced so that I could continue the pattern on the rest of the paper.  I then adhered this piece to a 4.25 x 5.5 inch card base and added layers until I was happy.

Texture and stitching are a signature to my work, and I think this card does a good job capturing the kind of designer that I am. Thanks for taking a peek!"