Spotlight: Corrie Jones

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Corrie Jones
Name: Corrie Jones

Location: Dallas, GA


Instagram: @corej

Twitter: @corrie_jones


Short bio: Corrie lives with her husband and three active daughters in the ‘burbs of Atlanta where she spends a considerable amount of time playing a taxi driver and trying to stay cool in the heat. She has been scrapbooking since 2009 and has found that it provides her with a creative and artistic outlet that helps to keep her sane even in the chaotic craziness of life. Beside scrapbooking, Corrie enjoys photographing her kids, reading on the beach, looking at magazines, drinking coffee while watching a sunrise over the ocean, eating sushi with friends, and encouraging kids to run faster and to score a goal. Corrie enjoys being on design teams and the challenge of having one set of supplies and making them fit into her style. The best part of creating pages for Corrie is that it forces her to remember how amazing this life and world are, even when things aren’t happy and perfect.

Favorite thing to scrap: My kids. Hands down. I love looking at their beautiful faces.

Favorite American Crafts product: THICKERS!!! They are the BEST product on the market!

5 fun facts:

1. The beach is my favorite place. Water calms me.

2. I wear flip flops from March through November every year.

3. Going out to eat is one of my favorite things to do. It is always my idea for date night or girls night out. I think my kids have this in them too.

4. I tend to be a hot head and will explode now and then.

5. My hubby and I have a 6 month trip planned for the year we retire (not soon) to drive up the east coast from Key West to Maine and explore all the beaches along the way.
LOVE CARD by Corrie Jones

Supplies: White (71080) – Cardstock, Die Cut Tags (366069) – Bits, Precisely Paper (366032) – Cut & Paste, Hello (366081) – Embroidery Kit, Cut Out in Charcoal (366058) – Thickers

BEAUTIFUL GIRL by Corrie Jones

Supplies: Kraft (71464) – Cardstock, 6×6 Paper Pad (366086) – Cut & Paste, Bits (366068) – Cut & Paste, Details (366075) – Cut & Paste, Cut Out Accents (366060) – Thickers, Harper (366064) – Remarks, Typed (366065) – Remarks, Corners (366067) – Remarks, Adhesive Chipboard Stickers (366074) – Bits, Wood Veneer Tags (366072) – Bits, Good Stuff (366066) – Remarks

Corrie says, "I love all the "stuff" that American Crafts puts into their collections.  All the embellishments make scrapbooking just so much more fun!"