Snow Globe Tutorial by Erin Stewart

These easy, fun, and awesome snow globe ornaments were made by Erin Stewart and she's going to show us exactly how to make them!

Supplies: Peppermint Express 6×6 (366119) – Paper, Figgymint Shapes (366108) – Die Cut Bits

Erin Stewart


1) Gather your supplies: patterned paper, die cuts, glitter, snow, punches, baker's twine, a funnel, and clear craft ornaments.
2) Choose a die cut that can be rolled to fit through the hole of the ornament. Be careful to not damage the die cut.
3) Use a long stick to straighten out the die cut.
4) Create snow for the snow globe by using punches and craft snow.
20131126-IMG_8865-7 20131126-IMG_8866-8

5) The easiest way to get the snow mixture inside the ornament is to use a funnel, but you can always just slip it into the hole.

6) Place the top back on and add baker's twine and a die cut tag. 
7) Enjoy!
Erin says, "These are so fun, festive, and best of all EASY! I love snow globes! As a child I can remember my grandma having a snow globe that she would wind-up and let me play with it. This project brings back those memories. These are perfect to put on a tree or decorate with or give as a gift."