Silhouette Cards by Sophie Crespy

These three Silhouette-featuring cards were made by Sophie Crespy:


HELLO by Sophie Crespy

"For this card I created my own Silhouette file playing with the number 2013."

Supplies: Kraft (70464) – Cardstock,Garment District (85606) – Details, Soho Garden Ribbon (84929) – Premium Ribbon, Borders, Accents & Phrases (42273) – Remarks

U ROCK by Sophie Crespy

"For this one I used my Silhouette to cut the title, the star, and the circle"

Supplies: Eldridge Street Paper (35832) – Soho Garden, West Broadway Paper (35839) – Soho Garden, Borders, Accents & Phrases (42273) – Remarks, 6×6 Paper Pad (35841) – Soho Garden

DELIGHTFUL by Sophie Crespy

"And this is a card designed for the birth of my future niece! I used American Crafts Girl Silhouette file that I placed inside a circle."

Supplies: Charcoal (71421) – Pow!, Memory Lane Paper (35802) – 5th & Frolic, Laughter Lane Paper (35821) – 5th & Frolic, Ready Set Go Value Ribbon Pack (89428) – Ribbon, Paper Leaves (85592 ) – House, 5th & Frolic Brad (85597) – Embellishments

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