Shimelle Minus Pink Layout by Gillian Nelson

Shimelle Minus Pink

Finishing up Shimelle Minus Pink week is Gillian Nelson (Blog: Gillian Nelson | Instagram: @gnelson05 | Pinterest: @gilliann | Twitter: @GillianNelson05) with an eye-catching layout:

Gillian Nelson


Supplies: Shimelle (368136) – Goodall Paper, (368139) – Hurley Paper, (368163) – Dunbar Gold Foil Thickers, (368167) – Cork Stickers, (368171) – Photo Overlays, (368173) – Cardstock Die-Cuts, (368179) – Dies, (368180) – Markers, (368175) – Wood Veneer Shapes, (368168) – Rub-Ons; DIY (366900) – Mini Stapler; Cardstock (AC71259) – White; Adhesive (AMF617-10) – This To That Foam Tab Squares

How to: Trim the blue Shimelle Hurley paper down to 8.5×11. Cut large letters (either by hand or with a die cut machine) out of the Goodall yellow grid paper and also out of white cardstock. Adhere the yellow letters to the background and then adhere the white letters overlapping the yellow ones slightly. Ink the edges of the photo and staple a photo overlay to the picture with a mini stapler. Adhere the photo to the left side of the layout on a slight diagonal. Layer a yellow die cut under the top edge of the photo. Cut a banner shape out of the yellow grid paper using the metal craft die and a manual die cut machine; adhere to the right side of the page, overlapping the edge of the photo. Apply the cork sticker over the yellow banner. Add gold Thickers, number die cuts, and a wood veneer heart along the bottom edge of the photo for the date. Journal down the left edge of the layout. Add gold heart rub-ons to the bottom left corner.


That's all she wrote for this week! We'll be back on Monday – happy Friday!