Serendipity Craft Storage Tutorial by Ashley Horton

Ashley Horton (Blog: Ashley Horton | Instagram: @ashleyhorton75# | Pinterest: @ahorton | Twitter: @ashleymh1675) turned an everyday material into something completely new and functional – check it out and see her step-by-step tutorial so you can create one too!

Ashley Horton


Desk Organizer
Supplies: Serendipity (369186) – Summer Breeze, Serendipity (369196) – Liz Lemon, Serendipity (369191) – Good Vibes, Serendipity (369203) – I Heart You, Serendipity (369189) – Lucky Love, Serendipity (369218) – Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, Serendipity (369226) – Premium Ribbon, Serendipity (369217) – Pleather Bows, Serendipity (369215) – Enamel Dots

1. Begin by selecting three empty cardboard boxes in varying heights.


2. Cut the tabs off along the tops of each of your boxes. Select the papers you want to use to cover your boxes.

3. Create a template on scrap paper for the cut out shape you want on the front of each of your boxes. Then place it over the front of the box and cut the shape from the front side of your box.
4. Repeat Step 3 for each box and your finished product will look like this.
5. Now you can start measuring your patterned papers to cover the boxes. Just place your paper over each box and mark where your folds need to be, using a pencil. Once you have your measurement marks, fold along each one.

6. Use the shape template that you cut from each box, and trace it onto the backside of your patterned paper and then cut it out.
7. Now you can adhere your patterned paper to the boxes. Use a strong adhesive and make sure you cover your papers well.
8. After you finish covering the outside of your boxes, cut pieces to cover the inside of each box to keep the cardboard from showing. And you can also add Premium Ribbon across the top of each of your boxes.

9. Now it's time to put your boxes together. Liberally apply hot glue to the backside of each box and adhere them together.

10. Customize your Desk Organizer by adding Bits from the Serendipity Die Cut Cardstock Shapes to the smallest box of your organizer.

Desk Organizer

This Desk Organizer is fun and functional and you could also create a version for your kids' room to store their homework or art supplies!