Resin Storage for Your Embellishments by Lucile Peignon

Hello friends, it’s Lucile! Today we’re going to make storage for your embellishments and small objects. I love to arrange my paper clips and die cuts in beautiful cups. So I tested the Color Pour Resin range from American Crafts. I love DIY, I find it really cool to be able to create beautiful objects for our homes. You can customize them as you want and I am always proud to create objects myself!

The creation is very simple. What takes the longest is to wait for it to dry. I started by mixing the two products from the resin kit. You must add the same amount of product and mix well. I use small cups to measure the amounts.

Then this is my favorite part, it is the moment of creativity! It’s time to add glitter, color, powder, and decorations to create the object that looks like you! I love everything that glitters so I had fun mixing lots of glitter. Then I wanted to test the color so I added pink to one of my resin preparations and I loved the result. The rendering is so satisfying! Once all of my resin mixes were ready, I chose my molds. I wanted to have several sizes of cups to store my little embellishments. I tested different forms of mold and I poured my resin gently inside to not have bubbles. Then, I waited a day before being able to unmold my creations and admire the result.

My first cup will be used to store my small embellishments such as paper clips. In reality it is a coaster. I did not put resin inside so it created a storage in two parts, it’s super practical! It’s pink with gold stars and I find it goes perfectly with the Hey Santa collection from Crate Paper.

I also created a small cup to put my charms. I started by putting small gold crystals then I mixed glitter with my transparent resin and I put everything in my mold. I love the result. It is also a great storage for your jewelry for example. I finished by creating a large cup to store my little resin tubes. You can also put your soaps there.

I hope you like my creations and that they make you want to try the Color Pour Resin range from American Crafts. See you soon!

Supplies used: Color Pour Resin: Translucent Dye – Mixed Berry (ac-359902), Resin and Hardener (ac-359703), Foil Flakes – Holographic (ac-359681), Mold – Soap Dish (ac-34002260), Crystal Flakes – Naturals (ac-34001016), UV Glitter (ac-34002248v), Resin Supply Kit (ac-359702), Mold – Hexagon Bowl (ac-34002254), Mold – Coasters (ac-34002251) – Crate Paper Hey Santa