Recycled Shaker Card Tutorial by Nicole Samuels

Turn product packaging into a cute shaker card in this step-by-step photo tutorial by Nicole Samuels (Blog: Nicole Samuels | Instagram: @nicsamuels | Pinterest: @nsameuls | Twitter: @nicsamuels)

Nicole Samuels


Supplies: Fine & Dandy – Colorful Confetti (370097), Masking Tape Tags (370093);  Thickers – Gold Glitter Erie (370558)

1. Use an exacto knife to carefully cut away a rectangle of cardboard from the back of an embellishment package. Cut away the portion that is BEHIND the plastic. Remove the embellishment and store elsewhere.


2. Trim off the branding portion of the packaging.


3. Add some gold glitter Thickers to the front outside of the window.


4. Add some Colorful Confetti to the now "open" window.


5. To add some cash to the shaker box, roll up the bills tightly and use some of the Masking Tape Tags (or washi) to hold the rolls closed. Place the money inside the window with the confetti.


6. To seal off the back, recycle a glassine bag. Trim a piece from the bag that will just cover the back of the window. Use the Masking Tape Tags to seal off each edge, folding the excess over to the front side of the packaging.


7. Here's what it will look like once the back is "sealed" down.


8. Now it's ready to give away! The glassine backing not only looks pretty, but is easy to tear into once the recipient is ready to cash out their gift!

Shakerboxmoneyholder Shakerboxmoneyholder2

So cute, so fun!