Recycled Cupcake Stand by Heather Leopard


Our final recycled project was made by Heather Leopard (Blog: Heather Leopard | Instagram: @heatherleopard | Pinterest: @heatherleopard | Twitter: @heatherleopard)

Cupcake stand by Heather Leopard AC
Supplies: Fine & Dandy collection: (370098) – Cupcake liners and box, (370062) – Love Fest Paper, (370096) – Plastic Bows, (370087) – Printed Cardstock Phrases & Accents, (370100) – Toothpicks

How to: Cut a 3"x3 1/4" square and adhere it to the top of the box. Next, cut a 2"x12" strip and adhere it around the perimeter of the box. Attach the box to a glass candlestick for the base. Embellish with a plastic bow and sentiment. Add the cute little flags to the top of the cupcake for a finishing touch.

Purchase the Fine & Dandy collection HERE.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with crafting!