Plus One Mini Album Tutorial by Becki Adams

Today's step-by-step tutorial making a mini album using the Plus One line is brought to you by Becki Adams (Blog: Becki Adams | Instagram: @beckiadams | Pinterest: @jbckadams | Twitter: @beckiadams3)

Becki Adams


Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Cover_2_AC
Supplies: Combo (66804) – Patterned Paper, Tandem (66805) – Patterned Paper, Assistant (66806) – Patterned Paper, Counterpart (66807) – Patterned Paper, Doubles (66808) – Patterned Paper, Buddy (66812) – Patterned Paper, Sidekick (66813) – Patterned Paper, Partner (66814) Patterned Paper, Duet (66817) – Patterned Paper, Companion (66824) – Patterned Paper, Pair (66821) – Patterned Paper, Match/Aqua (66833) – Thickers, Tickets (366838) – Stickers, Washi Tape (366839) – Tape, Plus One Letter Stickers (366841) – Stickers, Plus One Puffy Matte Stickers (366842) – Remarks, Plus One Bits and Cardstock Shapes (366849) – Elements, Plus One Clear Acrylic Stamps (366856) – Stamps, Amy Tan Dies (366860) – Dies, Amy Tan Plus One Adhesive Metal Flair (366906) – Elements, Charcoal (331343) – Thickers, Hinged O Rings (366612) – Elements, Chalkboard Labels (366622) – Elements, Chalkboard Labels (366623) – Elements, Chalkboard Die Cut Frames (366637) – Elements, Chalkboard Banner Stickers (366635) – Elements, Chalkboard Tags (366641) – Elements, Solid Metallic Gold/Silver (366614) – Washi Tape, White (AC71259) – American Crafts Cardstock Pack, Black (AC712P12-60) – American Crafts Cardstock Pack

The first thing I do is gather all the supplies that I want to use. Gathering my supplies and putting them in a basket next to my desk makes the process easier because I'm not searching for all my supplies.  Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Products_AC

After my supplies are gathered I started by creating my pages. I cut pieces of white cardstock at 5 1/2 inches wide by 4 1/4 inches tall. I cut all black cardsock just slightly larger than the white cardstock. I then moved on to doing all of my diecuts. I cut all of the die cuts at one time so I didn't have to get my die cutting supplies out multiple times. 

Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Die Cuts_AC

Then I did all my stamping. I knew I wanted the word "darling" as part of my title so I stamped that and then a few accent pieces while I had all my stamping supplies on my desk. I didn't use all of these pieces. I have a few left that are sitting in a little bowl on my desk waiting to be used on another project. 

Becki Adams_Photo Booth_Stamped Images_AC

After I had my die cuts and stamping all finished, I laid out all the pages on my desk and created the base of the pages, meaning that I didn't add photos, or many embellishments. I just wanted the basic layout of each page completed. I then took my stack of pages to my sewing machine and did a little bit of stitching on a few of the pages.

Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Stitching_AC

Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Prepped Pages_AC

After that I added my photos, a bit of journaling, adhered the white cardstock to the black cardstock, and a few more embellishments. Then, I was ready to put my album together. When I punched the holes for the album I clipped a few pages together with a clip and then punched them.

Becki Adams_Darling Photos_punching holes_AC

After all the holes were punched I added the binder rings and my album was complete. 

Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Cover_AC Becki Adams_Darling Photos_Pages 1&2_ACBecki Adams_Darling Photos_Pages 3&4_ACBecki Adams_Darling Photos_Pages 5&6_ACBecki Adams_Darling Photos_Pages 7&8_ACBecki Adams_Darling Photos_Pages 9&10_ACBecki Adams_Darling Photos_back cover_AC

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at the this fun mini album made with Plus One supplies!