Place Card by Gillian Nelson

This place card, created by Gillian Nelson, (Blog: Gillian Nelson | Instagram: @gnelson05 | Pinterest: @gilliann | Twitter: @GillianNelson05) doubles as something else too – read on to find out what!

Gillian Nelson


Supplies: Shimelle (368155) – Swanson Paper, (368154) – Rubin Paper, (368158) – Dowdy Paper, (368142) – Hall Paper; Haunted Hollow (368663) – Magic Potion Paper; DIY Shop (DIY-TAG-66640) – Kraft Tags, (366620) – Clothespins; Studio Calico Snippets (SNWV3-31341) – Wood Veneer Shapes; Pens (PP03-62311) – Precision .03, (PP05-62321) – Precision .05; Die Cut Machine – Silhouette Cameo

How to: Cut "HERE" from a DIY kraft tag using a Silhouette Cameo. (This can also be done by printing the letters onto the tag and cutting them out with a craft knife.) Trim narrow strips of four assorted Shimelle and Haunted Hollow papers and adhere them to the back of the tag behind each one of the letters. Hand cut a banner shape from another patterned paper. Write the assigned person's name on the banner and adhere it towards the top of the tag. Add the text "you are" under the banner using a wood veneer geotag as the "O". Finish it off with a DIY wooden clothespin.