Pet Treat Tutorial by Elizabeth Gardner

Elizabeth Gardner (Blog: Elizabeth Gardner | Instagram: @myscrappylife | Pinterest: @elizgardner) had fun creating an out-of-the-"doggie bag" tutorial to share with you today!

Elizabeth Gardner


Pet treat tutorial
Supplies: White Cardstock (366245) – Value Pack, Dear Lizzy Edition (380167) – Project Life Mini Kit, Polka Dot Party Edition (380182) – Project Life Mini Kit, Fine China (683268) – Flea Market, Fascinating Friends (366165) – Polka Dot Party, Magical Moments (366169) – Polka Dot Party, Heart Flutterbys (93630) – Paper Garland, Die Cuts (683115) – Fourteen, Label Stickers (366197) – Polka Dot Party, Accent Stickers (683112) – Fourteen, Accent Stickers (683111) – Paper Heart, Clothespins (366208) – Polka Dot Party, Polka Dot Blue (366193) – Premium Ribbon Spools, Begonia (366059) – Thickers, Junebug (366528) – Thickers, Resin Bows (366075) – Details, Delectable Desserts (366181) – Polka Dot Party

First, gather your supplies.

T supplies

Create a background for treat placements. Layer pieces of patterned paper, Project Life cards, die cuts, and stickers. Adhere everything except for the bottom right hand card with the transparency. Fold or trim stickers that are hanging over the edge of the cardstock.

Tutorial 1

Run a line of adhesive along the back outside edge of the remaining card. Bunch up tissue paper and place it onto the adhesive.


Place mini bones on the cards where you want them to be tied into place. Draw a faint line on each side where the ribbon will come through.


Cut through all layers of paper, using an exacto knife and a place mat for safety. Trim ribbon into five 7-inch pieces. Thread ribbon through from back to front.

Tutorial 5

Tie the bones into place.


Embellish the rest of the treat holder with flutterbys, die cuts, stickers, and a photo of your pup.

Tutorial 7

That's it! 

Pet treat tutorial

Now when someone gives a bone to the puppy you will know because there will be a missing spot. If the entire holder is empty then you probably have one happy, full puppy!