Patriotic Banner by Erin Stewart

Erin Stewart is here today to show us how to make this celebratory banner in a step-by-step tutorial!

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FREEDOM BANNER by Erin Stewart

Supplies: Front Porch Paper (36016) – Mayberry, Collector Paper (35975) – Lucky Charm, Stargazers Paper (35982) – Lucky Charm, Novelty Paper (35974) – Lucky Charm, Premium Ribbon (58877) – Mayberry, Silver Glitter Paper (71511) – POW, Premium Ribbon – Ready Set Go


1) Collect your supplies. I used 5 different pieces of paper (4 patterned, 1 POW glitter paper), glue, ribbon, scissors, die cut machine, bowl (to trace), and baker's twine.

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2) To make the pennants for the banner, trace a bowl about the size that you want the pennants. For the word FREEDOM, I used 7 pennants and 2 more for the ends. My bowl was about 5.5" in diameter.

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3) Fold each circle in half and cut along the fold.

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4) Glue the die cut letters onto each pennant. You could also use Thickers for the letters.

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5) Use a glue gun to glue a long piece of baker's twine to the back of each pennant to complete the banner.

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6) To make the tassels, cut ribbon and glitter tape to about 6" long.

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7) In the center of the bundle of ribbon tie a piece of baker's twine tightly in a knot.

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8) Pull the ribbon down and tie another piece of twine at the top of the ribbon bundle below the fold and cut the extra twine leaving the twine on the top for hanging.

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9) Tie the tassles to the end of the banner then hang it up to enjoy!

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We'd love to see your patriotic banner creations! Link them up in the comments below!