Pastels Week!


With Spring in full swing, we thought it'd be fun to use pastels on all the projects this week to mimic what's going on outdoors with the pretty flowers and such! Gina Lideros (Blog: Gina Lideros | Instagram: @ginalideros | Pinterest: @gina_lideros | Twitter: @ginalideros) starts Pastels week with an eye-catching layout:

Gina Lideros


Gina Lideros pastels
Supplies: Rise And Shine (RSDS-70000) – Rachel Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70001) – Chloe Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70002) – Kylie Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70003) – Nicole Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70004) – Ella Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70006) – Emery Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70009) – Emma Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70011) – Lucy Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70012) – Olivia Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70016) – Madison Paper, Rise And Shine (RSDS-70021) – Pink Foil Paper, Rise And Shine (RSTH-70027) – Thickers Grace Phrase Gold Foil , Rise And Shine (370032) – Accent & Phrase Stickers, Rise And Shine (370034) – Epoxy Stickers, Rise And Shine (370035) – Phrase Stickers, Rise And Shine (370054) – Chipboard Frames, Cardstock (Am710-81) White Textured, Precision (PP03-62311) – Pen Black, This To That (AM617-12) – Adhesive

How to: Handcut triangles from patterned papers and white cardstock papers.  Use a paintbrush to paint cardstock pieces with pastel watercolor paints, set aside to dry.  On a white cardstock background arrange triangle pieces in a scattered pattern and adhere down.  Print a small photo and adhere on top of chipboard frame, adhere to left hand side of layout.  Spell out the title "Always fun" using gold foil thickers and adhere to right hand side of page.  Use a precision black pen to add journaling to bottom left hand side of page.  Flick drops of black spray mist against the background.  Finish by adding stickers and date stamp.

Gina Lideros pastels close

So many pretty projects to reveal this week! See you again tomorrow!