Party Decor by Patricia Roebuck

Want to learn how to make this birthday party decor by Patricia Roebuck? Well you're in luck because she's going to show us in a step-by-step tutorial how to make it all!


Supplies: Wishbone Paper (35969) – Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm, Grape (71513) –
Pow! Glitter Paper, Cricket (71632) – Pow! Glitter Paper, Reflect (35938) –
Yes, Please, Hopeful Paper (35946) – Yes, Please, Key Lime Paper (36021) – Mayberry,
Loveable Lily Paper (35906) – My Girl, Share Paper (35930) – Yes, Please,
Thoughtful Paper (35934) – Yes, Please, Commit Paper (35929) – Yes, Please,
Perfect Paper (35932) – Yes, Please, Design ID #20370 Palm Trees by American
Crafts, Design ID #1418 Starfish by Silhouette, Design ID #10440 Scallop Shell
by Hero Arts, Design ID #9775 Hibiscus by Rivka Wilkins, Design ID #11265
‘Curly Waves’ Border by Samantha Walker, Design ID #43168 Flip Flips by Miss
Kate Cuttables, Candle by Silhouette, Design ID 10191 Tropical Leaves by Sarah


1) Cut out your die cuts
using a Silhouette or other die cutting machine. You want your candle to look the same on the
back. From the menu in Silhouette
Studio, I did Object-Transform-Mirror Options-Mirror Right. 


2) Gather your die cuts, adhesives, and a lollipop
stick or wooden dowel.


3) Using a strong liquid adhesive, match and
adhere the two palm trees to the lollipop stick. This will be tall, so leave enough length for
stability to go into the cake or cupcake.


4) Staple the bottom of the two matching candle
die cuts at the bottom. This part won’t
be seen.


5) Adhere the candle on the inside of one of the
palm trees.


6) Because of the lollipop stick or wooden dowel,
you’ll have a gap between the die cuts. For stability add circle foam tabs in
between. You may have to cut some of the
foam tabs in half and use tweezers to get in between.


7) Start adding the other
die cut pieces, lining them up to their mirrored images.


8) Add the foam circle
tabs again, cutting them in half and using tweezers to help to get into the
tight spots. My daughter was very
specific about how she wanted her candle to look and helped me along the way. She loves scrapping with me as you can see
her hands and fingers are dirty from playing in my ink pads.


9) Continue to add the
rest of the die cuts, mirroring them on each side. (Note: Knowing that this will stand up in a cupcake, I don’t add


10) At the request of my
daughter, one side did not get flip flops. You can see at the bottom of the shell, the back side of them on the
other side. There is enough mirrored on
either side of the stick, that it doesn’t show up.


11) I added the “5” and a
few circles on the palm trees for coconuts. Now everything is done and ready for the
chocolate cupcakes!


12) It’s always fun to add
a few more little touches so I cut out hibiscus and adhered them to toothpicks
for the other cupcakes.


13) Now to add a few more decorations and enjoy the birthday party!