Paper Topiary Tutorial by Gina Lideros

Gina Lideros (Blog: Gina Lideros | Instagram: @ginalideros | Pinterest: @gina_lideros | Twitter: @ginalideros) is here with us today to show us in a step-by-step photo tutorial how to make this lovely paper topiary using 6×6 paper pads:

Gina Lideros

Supplies: ZAZZ Glitter Glue Set (27420) – Glitter, Polka Dot Party Paper 6×6 (366214) – Paper Pads; Glitter Paper 6×6 (35798) – Paper Pads, Autumn Crisp Wood Buttons (366531) – Elements, Autumn Crisp Resin Buttons (366530) – Elements, Adhesive Layered Resin Flowers (366203) – Polka Dot Party, Epoxy Wood Buttons (78090) – Happy Birthday, Epoxy Wood Buttons (96604) – With Love, Fabric & Epoxy Brads (96532) – Happy Birthday 


To begin, gather your desired papers and supplies. You will need at least two punches for this project as well as papers, stickpins, buttons, a base, and a styrofoam ball.


Step 1: Punch your papers. For best results use a variety of paper patterns and two different size punches. For example I used 1 round punch and 1 flower punch.


Step 2: Crumple up the punched pieces by gently folding and crinkling to distress them.


Step 3: Dress up the punched shapes by adding ZAZZ glitter glue.


Step 4: Start layering your punched pieces together.


Step 5: Begin creating your topiary by attaching your punched pieces to the styrofoam ball with stickpins.


Step 6: Continue this process until the styrofoam ball is filled.


Tip: For a fun look add punched glitter shapes, a variety of buttons, and sequins to a few pieces before pinning them on.


Step 7: When you are finished place the topiary on a base and enjoy!


We hope you love this simple piece of home decor that will liven up any space!