Paper Ornament Tutorial by Ashley Horton

Ashley Horton is here today to share with us how to make this festive paper ornament:

Ashley Horton
Ornament3 475 res
Supplies: Santa Stripes (366099) – Peppermint Express, 6×6 Paper Pad (366119) – Peppermint Express, Glitter Glue (27411) – Zazz, Gingermint (366107) – Adhesive Layered Embellishment, Figgymint (366108) – Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, Ribbon (366117) – Premium Ribbon


Begin by cutting your 12×12 sheet of paper into 3×3 squares. This will give you 16 squares and you will use all of them to create the cones for the ornament.

Photo 1

Next, roll your paper squares into a cone shape and secure the corner with a piece of clear tape along the backside. I flattened the skinny ends of my cone shapes to keep them from making the center of the ornament too bulky.

Photo 2

The easiest way to begin placing the cones is to cut or punch out a circle shape. I cut my circle at 4 inches and then began placing the cones in a cross shape to make sure I end up with an even edge once all of the pieces were in place.

Photo 3

Continue to fill in the next open space with a second cross shape.

Photo 4

The final cone shaped pieces will need to be placed in the open spaces over the top of your base cone pieces. This will fill in the empty gaps and help create some dimension on your ornament.

Photo 5

I wanted to add some layers to my ornament, so I cut the leaf shape on my Cameo and added some sparkle to it by applying Zazz Glitter Glue over some of the leaf shapes.

Photo 6

Once the glitter glue has dried you can assemble the pieces of your ornament. I also added to some Zazz to the holly leaves die cut shape for extra sparkle. You can attach a ribbon bow to the backside of your ornament for hanging it on your Christmas tree.

Photo 7

Ornament close up2

This ornament can be a great addition to your own Christmas decor or make a great gift for family or friends!

Ornament3 475 res