No Patterned Paper Love Letter Tutorial by Gillian Nelson

Gillian Nelson (Blog: Gillian Nelson | Instagram: @gnelson05 | Pinterest: @gilliann | Twitter: @GillianNelson05) accepted the challenge to create without patterned paper and has a step-by-step photo tutorial to share today!

Gillian Nelson


Supplies: Bazzil Cardstock (CLASS12-400) – 12×12 Chantilly, (FOURZ12-934) – 12×12 Tutu Pink, (FOURZ12-877) – 12×12 Berry Blush, (FOURZ12-874) – 12×12 Grenadine; DIY Shop 2 (369055) – Gold Twine, (369008) – Hanging Chalkboards, (368998) – Gold Chevron Paper Straws, (DIYM-69061) – White Chalk Markers Medium Tip; Craft Glue – Tombo Mono Multi

1. Select four colors of cardstock and cut hearts from each color in gradually larger sizes. (This project uses three hearts of each color, but I cut extras in case I made a mistake. It happens.)
2. Fold each of the hearts in half. Using a bone folder for this step might help achieve a straight fold.  Gnelson-project2
3. Adhere the wrong sides of three hearts together, forming a 3D shape, but leave one section of the shape open at this time.
4. Cut gold twine to a length of approximately 24 inches. Form a loop and tie a knot in one end of the twine. Run a line of craft glue down the center of the open portion of the smallest heart shape, and lay the twine on top of it.
5. Add more craft glue to the open sides of the heart shape, and adhere the sides together, closing the heart and encasing the gold twine in the center.
6. Cut a 0.5 inch section from a DIY decorative straw and thread it onto the twine below the first heart shape. Bring the twine back up to the top of the straw piece and thread it down through the tube again. This helps hold the tube in place.
7. Repeat the process of adding the heart shapes and straw pieces to the gold twine…
8. …until all of the hearts have been used.
9. Add one final section of straw below the largest heart and tie a knot below it. Remove the burlap twine from two DIY hanging chalkboard tags. Write a love note on the two tags then glue them together, back to back. Thread the gold twine through the drilled holes of the tags, and tie another knot below the last knot to secure them.
10. Trim the extra ends of the gold twine. Hang your valentine mobile where your loved ones are sure to see it. (I like to hang mine above our kitchen sink!) As the hearts spin, both sides of the message will be visible.
Hearts and love never go out of style so this project will work year-round!