New Year Garland Tutorial by Gillian Nelson

Celebrate the New Year in style with this awesome banner by Gillian Nelson (Blog: Gillian Nelson | Instagram: @gnelson05 | Pinterest: @gilliann | Twitter: @GillianNelson05):

Gillian Nelson


Supplies: Dear Lizzy Serendipity (369180) – Cotton Candy paper, (369185) – Hello Beautiful paper, (369186) – Summer Breeze paper, (369187) – One Fine Day paper, (369189) – Lucky Love paper; POW Glitter Paper (POW-71511) – Silver; Cardstock (AC71259) – 12×12 White; This to That (61708) – Double-Sided Tape 0.25"; DIY Shop (DIY-TAG-66641) – Chalkboard Tags, (DIYM-69062) – Chalk Markers/White, (366900) – Mini Stapler; Ribbon (366302) – Baker's Twine; Glittered Styrofoam Balls – FloraCraft

1. I thought it would be fun to create a garland for our mantel made of "party horns" to celebrate New Year's Eve. I started by designing a conical shape using the Silhouette Cameo software. This shape would become the "horn" and the small rectangles would become the mouthpieces. (Visit my blog to download the cut file for yourself.) If you don't have a Cameo, you can draw a conical template and then trace the shape onto your patterned papers. You could also purchase inexpensive party horns, disassemble one, and use that as a template for your own pretty paper.
2. I cut out multiple copies of the small rectangles and trimmed down my patterned/glitter papers to 6×8 inches. (For the record, I ended up using 10 horns total for my garland.)
3. I then used the Cameo to cut the conical shapes from the patterned papers.
4. Next I rolled the rectangles into tubes, from short end to short end. I used This to That double-sided tape to adhere the ends. Rolling the paper around a medium-thick marker helped me create a tube of the right size.
5. I then rolled the patterned papers into a cone, and fastened both ends with a staple. As I went along, I found it helpful to also add double-sided tape right along the overlapping edge of the cone to hold the shape together better.
6. I applied a thin line of glue around the small end of each cone then slipped each cone inside a white "mouthpiece" tube. I later went back and added a staple to the back of the mouthpiece to strengthen the attachment.
7. Using a large needle, I poked holes through opposite sides of the horns, alternating wide end and narrow end. I also poked the needle through glittered styrofoam balls and then strung the horns and the balls onto baker's twine. I was careful to make sure the paper seams of the horns were all facing to the back so they wouldn't be visible and I tied a knot before and after each item on the twine so that they would stay in place once hung.
8. I used a chalk marker to write "2015" across 4 DIY chalkboard tags.
9. I then tied the tags to the banner, centering them within the length of twine.
10. I ended up making more horns than I needed for the garland, so I just put the spares in a mason jar, and set it on the mantle. No sense letting that pretty color go to waste!