Neighbor Gift Ornaments Tutorial by Elizabeth Gardner

Elizabeth Gardner is going to show us step-by-step how to make these fun neighbor gift ornaments:


Elizabeth Gardner


Gather your supplies: Three different sizes of plastic ornaments, ribbon, embellishments, patterned paper, and Mod Podge.


Ribbon Ornament

Ribbon finish
Supplies: Solid Ribbon (366117) – Premium Ribbon, Satin Ribbon (366117) – Premium Ribbon, Patterned Ribbon (366117) – Premium Ribbon, Bakers Twine (366302) – Premium Ribbon, Hollymint Wood Clothespin (366115) – Whittles, Iceplum Dimensional Stickers (42276) – Remarks

Cut ribbon to 4"-10" lengths. I used 10 pieces for this small ornament. Tie a couple of bows in the ribbon to create some visual interest. Stuff the ribbon in the ornament until the globe is full. Place stickers around the outside surface of the ornament. Cut four 5" lengths of baker's twine and tie it in a bow around the loop of the ornament lid. Place a clothespin on top.
Sequins Ornament
Sequin finish
Supplies: Sequins & Buttons (95300) – Christmas for Target, Adhesive Gems (95301) – Christmas for Target
With this project it helps to work at a quick pace so that the glue doesn't dry too quickly. Separate the buttons and sequins. Paint a medium to thick layer of Mod Podge on 1/4 of the outside of the ornament. Don't worry about the streaks because we are going to cover that, just paint a nice, even coverage.

Sprinkle on the sequins. Press down gently with your finger to help them adhere securely. 

Sequin 2

Once there's a pretty good coverage of sequins it's time to place a bit of extra glue on the backside of the buttons. Press them down gently into the spaces around the sequins. 

Sequin 3


Sequin finish

Embellishment Stuffed Ornament

Paper finish
Supplies: Ornament (366092) – Peppermint Express, Cocoa Lane (366096) – Peppermint Express, Santa Stripes (366099) – Peppermint Express, Santa Land (366094) – Peppermint Express Bow (95303) – Christmas for Target, Jinglemint Dimensional Stars (366110) – Remarks, Figgymint Die Cut Shapes (366108) – Bits, Gingermint Phrase Stickers (366107) – Details

Cut pieces of patterned paper into 1/8" pieces. I used about 25 pieces for a large ornament.
Paper start
Fold the paper strips accordion style to make paper confetti.
Paper two
Stuff the accordion pieces into ornament. Begin to stuff in  other elements as well. You will have to fold and crinkle some of them to fit them into the small opening. Use your finger to push them into place inside the ornament, wherever you like. Tip: the more accordion stuffing you have the easier it will be to keep these different embellishments in place, but if you over-fill the globe you'll have a hard time pushing them around. Don't be afraid to play with it until you get the look you want!
Stuffed paper
I used bows, glittered stars, and bits – you can throw in just about anything for a unique look. Lastly, place stickers along the outside of the ornament. 
Paper finish
All finished with your fun ornament gifts!