My Girl Flower Bouquet Tutorial by Melissa Mann

This adorable flower bouquet using My Girl products was made by Melissa Mann, and, good news, she's going to show us step-by-step how to make it!

FLOWER BOUQUET by Melissa Mann

Supplies: Silly Sarah Paper (35915) – My Girl, Tender Tessa Paper (35912) – My Girl, Somersault Paper (85622) – My Girl, Hula Hoop Paper (85619) – My Girl, Loveable Lily Paper (35906) – My Girl, Skip Paper (85621) – My Girl; Other supplies: Flowerpot, wooden skewers, paint, hot glue gun, paintbrush, Silhouette Cameo, flower cut files, floral moss, floral foam


1) Cut out petals for five flowers using a Silhouette Cameo then, using a hot glue gun, glue the petals together by layering the biggest petals on the bottom and working your way to the smallest petals. Scrunch up the petals to give them more dimension.

2) Remove the paper clips from the "Somersault" embellishments and glue the yo-yo flower onto the middles of two of the flowers. On the other three flowers, use the pinwheel embellishments and glue them in the middles.
3) Paint your flowerpot. I painted mine a lovely teal color and used a foam brush.
4) While the paint is drying, cut a strip of patterned paper to fit around the upper part of your flower pot. I cut two strips to 1"x12" and glued them on. It overlapped a little bit and I just cut that off with a pair of scissors. Glue down.
5) Next, take a tiny ribbon bow from the "My Girl" collection and glue it over the seam where the paper strips meet. 
6) Take a block of floral foam and push securely down into the flowerpot. 
7) Cut out leaves for the flowers using a Silhouette Cameo. I cut enough for at least two leaves per flower and on a couple of them, I used three leaves.
8) Gather wood skewers and leaves and hot glue the leaves onto the skewer. I had some skewers that had a flat end and they worked great!
9) Glue your flower onto the skewer on top of the leaves. Firmly hold the flower against the skewer until the glue has dried and the flower is secure.
10) Push the pointy end of the skewer into the floral foam. Repeat with the remaining flowers until all are glued together and placed in your flowerpot.
11) Stuff the top of the flowerpot with floral moss to fill in the gaps.
12) Enjoy!
If you get a chance to make this fun flower bouquet, make sure you link up here in the comments so we can see and share them!