Mix’n’Match Flower Frame Tutorial by Diana Waite

This lovely flower frame using a mix of American Crafts products was made by Diana Waite and she's going to show us how to make one just like it!

FLOWER FRAME by Diana Waite

Supplies: Hopeful Paper (35946) – Yes Please, Loveable Lily (35906) – My Girl, Wind Down (35776) – Ready Set Go, Dress Code (35784) Ready Set Go, Lunch Break (35771) – Ready Set Go, Lafayette Paper (35833) – Soho Garden, Personal Buttons (85630) – Embellishments, Wood Buttons & Epoxy Accents (85598) – Embellishments, Opportunity Details Dimensional Mix (85625) – Embellishments, Mayfair Details (85606) – Embellishments, Bellarose Flower Shoppe (85609) – Embellishments

1. I gathered my supplies which included Gesso, mist, 5 x 7 canvas, pre-assembled flowers, frame that holds a 5 x 7 picture, liquid adhesive, buttons, paint brush, and patterned paper.

2. I began my project by mixing gesso and mist together. After I made the desired color I began painting my background – it didn’t need to be a thick coat as most of the background will be covered with flowers.
3. While the canvas was drying I began cutting my different shaped and sized flowers out with my die cutting machine. I didn’t have a rhyme or reason I just eye balled the size. 
4. Once the canvas was dry I placed it into my frame (with the glass removed). I felt that assembly would be much easier this way so I knew how much space I would have for the flowers. And I could add more texture by arranging the flowers up and over the edges of the frame.
5. I arranged the flowers in a way that was pleasing to the eye and then adhered them to the canvas with liquid adhesive. After they were all adhered I “fluffed” the blossoms by bending the paper which added texture. All done!
Put it on display and smile every time you walk by!