Make It Colorful with Tie DIY by Tazhiana Gordon

Hey friends! Tazhi here with a fun project to share with you using the Micheals and American Crafts Tie DIY kit. Here’s a fun fact: when my husband and I first started dating, I stole all of his tie dye shirts and wore them until they had holes in them from being washed so often. Those shirts are well on their way to the laundry heap in the sky but it was pretty fun to make new shirts to add to my collection.

The Tie DIY kit comes with everything you could possibly need to make a tie dye project: dyes, a drop cloth, multiple pairs of gloves, and enough rubber bands for a few projects. The kits also include a hand instruction guide that gives you different patterns and the rubber band designs necessary to make the fun designs. I opted to make two shirts this time and for my first time making anything tie dye, this worked out okay!

I chose to make a spiral design as well as a bullseye. For the spiral, I applied three rubber bands to a white tee shirt and then applied different shades of pink, purple, and blue to the wedges. I used bubblegum, pansy, lilac, aqua, storm, and lipstick for this shirt and tried to make sure that the pinks weren’t touching and so on to ensure a fun pattern. After I applied all of the dyes, I put the shirt in a Ziploc bag to set overnight.

For my bullseye design shirt, I used greens, blues, and the dark gray colored dyes. I chose to go from light to dark with this pattern, starting with key lime, then moving on to grass, wave, pool, and finally charcoal. I was a bit messier with this one than the first shirt so the black dye did migrate into the blue sections but it still looks great. This one also went into a Ziploc bag to set overnight.

After I waited a full day, I took the shirts out of the bag and hung them to air dry overnight again. Making anything tie dye is a multiple day project and it was pretty exciting to move from step to step and see what the shirts were up to! After they were fully dried, I tossed them in a dryer to set the dye as per the instructions and then roped my husband into taking a photo with me so you can see both shirts!

I’m much more partial to the galaxy color scheme with the spiral design but I think these both worked out so well! I have a batch of smaller shirts coming in the mail to make all the dyed things for my nephew and I can’t wait to see him in all of the fun and colorful designs. Don’t forget you can grab a Tie DIY kit of your own to use on your rainbow projects at Michaels!

Supplies used: tie DIY Kit 33003375