Life is Lovely Globe

I love finding interesting things to decorate my craft space and the Globe Gallery by One Canoe Two is perfection! At just under 12 inches tall, they are the perfect size for any desk or shelf. I love all of the custom accents that can be added to personalize the base globe making each one a unique creation.



Let’s take a closer look at the Map globe with it’s beautiful script writing and gold base. I used the collection bunting and wrapped it around the globe twice overlapping. This adds a nice punch of color to the blue and aqua background. The adhesive backed pushpins keep the strands in place.



A handful of three dimensional butterflies from the collection were scattered along the strings of the bunting to add a pop of texture to the glove.

To add an element of texture to the base, I used the Life is Lovely Vinyl cling on to add tone-on-tone words.


Keeping the same design of gold on gold, adding adhesive nail heads along the arm of the globe adds texture and interesting design. It’s a really simple way to customize the base.


This beautiful project took under an hour to customize and complete. That’s my kind of crafting!



SUPPLIES: 1Canoe2 Globe Gallery: Map Globe (377326), Adhesive Nailheads (377304), Adhesive Pushpins (377309), Adhesive Butterflies (377299), Vinyl Life Expression (377317), Bunting Garland (377307).