Kid Magnets by Ashley Horton

It can be fun letting the gets get involved like Ashley Horton (Blog: Ashley Horton | Instagram: @ashleyhorton75# | Pinterest: @ahorton | Twitter: @ashleymh1675) did here with these cute magnets – follow along in a step-by-step photo tutorial!

Ashley Horton


Supplies: Shimelle (370704) – Grey Floral, Shimelle (370712) – Salted Caramel, Shimelle (370721) – Orange Pekoe, Shimelle (370713) – Americano, Shimelle (370745) – Wood Buttons, Shimelle (370736) – Enamel Dots, DIY Shop (366620) – Wooden Clothespins, DIY Shop (366629) – Cork Stickers Butterflies, DIY Shop (66618) – Wood Veneer Butterflies, Knock Outs (KOP63102) – Star Punch

1. Gather some small patterned paper scraps from the True Stories collection, Wooden Clothespins, Foam Brushes and Mod Podge.


2. Apply Mod Podge to one side of the Clothespin, using the Foam Brush.


3. Adhere the Clothespin to the back side of one of the patterned papers and let dry.


4. Let Mom use a craft knife to trim the excess patterned paper from the edges of the Clothespin, and to remove the center piece of paper, so the metal clip shows through.


5. Cover the Clothespin with another layer of Mod Podge, to protect the patterned paper.


6. Get your embellishments ready to add to the Clothespins, once the Mod Podge is dry.



7. Adhere a magnetic strip to the backside of your Clothespin. You can find the magnet backing at your local craft store.


8. Now your kids have a finished project that they helped to create and that will be on display on the refrigerator! 


Perfect for hanging up artwork and photos!