Introducing Sticky Thumb


Create lasting bonds with the assortment of high-quality, versatile adhesives from Sticky Thumb, a brand new line of adhesives from American Crafts. Whether you're creating handmade cards, heartfelt DIY projects or anything in between, Sticky Thumb products are the perfect companion. 
These high-performing products are the result of hours of research and detailed attention. We're excited to present this collection of quality adhesives that can be used for any creative project.
Create paper masterpieces using dimensional dots and tabs, tape runners, and sticky dots. For bigger projects, add a bit of sticky tape, double-sided tape, glue or use the convenient glue gun. Get creative with Sticky Thumb!
We hope you enjoy using this fabulous selection of adhesives! Want to try them out yourself? Win a prize pack filled with Sticky Thumb adhesives by leaving a comment below!