Increase your Creativity with these 5 Expert Tips

Hi there! It’s Terhi Koskinen here on the AC blog. I’ve been playing with paper for quite a while now, so I thought it would be helpful if I shared my very best crafting tips and tricks with you. Honestly, this blog post could be an endless novel if I shared everything I wanted with you. I’m giving you some tips and tricks to help you lead a creative life even if you are quite busy. 

In addition to sharing the tips and tricks, here is a journal I created to inspire you. It was created with the Here and Now line designed by the lovely Dear Lizzy. This journal has a very practical meaning to me: It’s my inspiration journal! Let’s get started.

Tip 1: Always keep your craft supplies available. 

This is my number one tip, which has been very handy over the last few weeks. When I feel like my hands are tired and I don’t have any extra energy for crafting, it’s important to make sure my crafting supplies are visible and easily available. 

I don’t have separate craft room, only a small corner in our living room for my crafty stuff. For years I’ve been dreaming about a separate space, but at the moment it’s great to have a small and accessible crafty corner tucked away. 

Tip 2: Creativity feeds creativity.

This old saying is still very true. Seeing some paints, pretty papers and the mini books created before inspires me, the inspiration I feel gives me the energy to make something. 

If you don’t want to keep any supplies or projects visible, why not to add a photo of your favorite project as your phone or laptop screen saver? 

Tip 3: Write down your ideas.

I cannot stress this one enough! Once you feel inspired to create something or have an idea about something worth trying, but don’t have time to actually make anything, write it down!

The journal you see here in the photographs is made for exactly that. I carry it with me wherever I’m heading to write or draw everything that might be inspiring someday. 

Tip 4: Plan in advance.

Sometimes there’s only a few minutes on a lunch break to think about crafting. When this happens, a small journal is a great place to write lists of projects I need to make or any sort of crafty plans. Of course, your phone can replace your paper and pen. I personally really love using a pen and paper, but I know some people prefer electronics. Slowly, the journal has become a very handy tool to start working when I finally hear the silence at our house and have time to sit and play with paper.

Tip 5: Do something creative everyday. 

Last but not least, never underestimate short breaks for crafting. Whether it’s five minutes of knitting or fussy cutting, die cutting cardstock pieces to prepare your next project or even doodling in a notebook, it’s all worth your peace of mind and calmness.

I hope this post was helpful and inspiring! Go out and be creative today! 

Products used:

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