Imaginary Friends Club by Kitti Valint

Hi, AC friends! It’s Bea here again sharing a super cute and fun kids’ craft project with you today! I love the fact that Kimberly McLeod & American Crafts created easy-to-assemble kits specifically designed for kids. Each kit comes with everything you need (including the box) and they are really inspiring projects for kids. It has never been so easy to make a little toy or DIY decoration with your daughter or son and the success is 100%!

My 10 years old daughter was super excited to get her hands on the Aquarium Craft Kit with the adorable fishes and shells. The kit contains step-by-step instructions for assembling and the decorating possibilities are endless.

First, she removed the perforated aquarium shape from the box and adhered the aqua and gold papers to the background.

She decided to decorate the fish with gold glitter. To do that, she drew scales with liquid glue, spread glitter on the adhesive, and let it dry.

She used a hot glue gun to adhere the shells and the ‘plants’ into the box. 

I really liked it when she figured out how to make a ‘Kitti-mermaid’ from an old photo of herself and stuck it in the box as well. As a daughter of a passionate scrapbooker, she immediately found some perfect embellishments for her ‘Imaginary Friend Club’ in my scrapbook stuff.

This little project became a perfect decoration for her room and it reminds us of the beautiful afternoon we spent together. Thank you for stopping by! Kitti & Bea

Supplies used: Aquarium Kit from the Best Ideas for Kids Kits