Document Happy Moments with a Happiness Jar

Hiya, Jamie here! DIY Shop 4 is one of those versatile embellishment collections that can be paired with just about anything! I had so much fun mixing and matching the DIY Shop 4 collection with Amy Tangerine’s Oh Happy Day.


This project is a different way of memory keeping and I’m really excited about it! I’ve been reading a lot about happiness lately and also listening to Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Podcast and knew that I wanted to make sure to focus on the happy moments in my own life. As the saying goes, “every day might not be [happy] but there’s something [happy] in every day.” I make have taken some liberties with that quote…but it still holds true!


So to document these happy moments, I created a happiness jar! Every day I plan to write down what made me happy that day and drop it in the jar. At the end of the month, I’ll have a ton of happy moments to reflect back on.


I used the DIY Shop 4 mason jar and filled it with the large sequins (because sequin is happiness all unto itself!) and decorated it with paper and a rubber embellishment from the Amy Tangerine Oh Happy Day collection. I also added the most fantastic little gold puffy stickers from the DIY Shop 4 collection. See, versatile! And blends in very easily with other collections.


I knew that at the end of the month, I would need to empty the jar to start again. But what to do with the little paper slips? Why add them to my 6×8 happiness album of course! I decorated the page protector using the gold dot transparency and elegant gold outlined Thickers. Then I added a few “happy” themed products from the Oh Happy Day collection. The paper slips just slide right in.


Oh, and the paper slips themselves, I designed those too! I printed them out on white cardstock, trimmed them up and adhered them to paper from the Amy Tangerine collection. I used the DIY Shop 4 roller date stamp to add the date to every one! I also die cut mini postage stamps and embellished each with either a DIY Shop 4 puffy heart or sequin. And just a few got a flair badge.


I’m excited to document happiness this month! Just seeing the little jar on my desk has been making me happy. Maybe one of the days, I’ll document it!


Supplies Used:

(376308) Thickers Follow/Gold (376312) Puffy Stickers Hearts Gold Foil (376316) Flair Button Gold Foil (376320) Sequins Gold Foil (376321) Mini Mason Jar Gold (376322) Rotary Date Stamp (DIY4SP-76326) Gold Foil Dots on Acetate, Patterned Paper — (OHLDS-76195) Everyday Happy (OHLDS-76201) Crazy Fun (OHLDS-76203) Oh Lovely (OHLDS-76204) Sweetie (OHLDS-76205) All Smiles (OHLDS-76214) Cruising Along (OHLDS-76197) Little Moments (OHLDS-76198) Rise & Shine (OHLDS-76199) Sure Thing, (376225) Rubber Embellishments (376231) Rotary Phrase Stamp (376238) Puffy Stickers