Handprint Card Kit from Best Ideas for Kids by Yui Oku

Hi, friends! It’s Yui Oku here. I want to share a handprint card kit from the best ideas for KIDS. My sons (6 and 4 years old) really love crafts. So they were very happy to see the kit!

This kit contains 10 blank cards, 8 colored envelopes, 10 colors of paints, foam brush, googly eyes, stickers, a black marker, and instructions. You don’t have to prepare anything!

We can make a bee, strawberry, cactus, fish, birthday cake, air ballon, dad and flower.

First, they got in a fight deciding who’s going to make what lol. And then, we needed to decide the colors. We can choose the same color as the instructions or a different color. For example, my son wanted to make “Nemo” for his fish card, so he painted orange and white stripes. After deciding what colors to use, it’s time to paint hands! Kids really do love painting their hands.

When the paint dries, decorate it to finish. So fun!

It is written for ages 4 and up, but my 1 year old daughter tried making a strawberry card with me!

Her tiny hands could print two times for a card. There is one stem sticker, so I cut out around the sticker. And I drew sleeping eyes instead of googley eyes stickers. Berry cute!

Here is the cards they made:

And we made family handprint flowers instead of a Mother’s Day card. We handprinted on white cardstock. There is not enough stems and leaves stickers so I made it from a green envelope. Adults also enjoyed handprinting!

We enjoyed it on a day when I couldn’t go to the park because of the rain. It’s a perfect activity for staying at home. My sons are looking forward to trying another kit! Thank you for stopping by!