Go Vertical Layout

Hiya! Jamie here and I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not a fan of food. I know! Totally odd but in my case, true. The quickest way to stress me out is to ask me to go grocery shopping or to cook something. I’m not a big fan of the act of eating either! I definitely fall in the eat to live camp. It’s a big part of my life and my personality, so I think it’s important to include this in my scrapbook too!

American Crafts-Dear Lizzy Food 01 

Lately, if I find myself at a loss of where to start I tell myself to “go vertical”! It’s been working and I’m loving the designs I’m coming up with. Going vertical for this page meant cutting strips of patterned paper  and then layering them vertically on my page. I alternated between having the strips hang off the top or the bottom of the page. I also added the cute pretzel washi because it was too perfect to not include. I loved all of the fun food themed motifs in the Dear Lizzy Saturday collection: pretzels, donuts, hamburgers, fruit! They were the perfect backdrop for this page about food.

American Crafts-Dear Lizzy Food 02

For my journaling, I opted to handwrite my thoughts on the left side of the page, underlining each line of text. I felt there was a lot of black on that side of the page and wanted to get some black on the other side, so I drew wonky lines in between each paper strip, dropped black ink splatters and added black thread behind my photos. It was just the right balance I think!

American Crafts-Dear Lizzy Food 03

To embellish, I added a few puffy stickers and a die cut to the end of the shorter paper strips. My title is pretty ambiguous but mainly goes along with the mood of the page. I think “so it goes” is such a cool phrase and one that’s not often written out in many pre-made text products. I love that it was included here!

American Crafts-Dear Lizzy Food 04

The final touches were adding the “some assembly required” labels—which reference my journaling—and stamping the date below my journaling.


Supplies Used: Dear Lizzy-Saturday Patterned Papers—Times Square (376248) Broadway (376252) Street Food (376259) Thicker Stickers Hello/Multicolor Chipboard (376267) Foil Stickers Accents & Phrases Black Foil (376269) Washi Tape Booklet (376271) Cardstock Ephemera (376273) DIY Shop 4: Rotary Date Stamp Gold (376322)