Glitter Mardi Gras Mask Tutorial by Madeline Fox

Boy do we have something fun to show you today – and you'll be able to make one exactly like it thanks to step-by-step photos by Madeline Fox! (Blog: Madeline Fox | Instagram: @madelineafox | Pinterest: @madeline | Twitter: @madeline_fox)

Supplies: 6×6 Paper Pad (366767) – Day Dreamer, Postmarked Paper (366044) – Cut & Paste, Grainy Goodness Paper (366049) – Cut & Paste, Fantastic Favor (366176) – Polka Dot Party, Pal Paper (366809) – Plus One, Friend Paper (366825) – Plus One, Sidekick Paper (366813) – Plus One, Counterpart Paper (366807) – Plus One, Duet Paper (366817) – Plus One, Crystal (27414) – Zazz! Glitter Glue, Cut & Paste Premium Ribbon Value Pack (366062) – Premium Ribbon, Sequins (366609) – DIY Shop, Double-sided Tape (61754) – This To That

Madeline Fox


1. Gather your supplies: patterned paper in assorted bright colors (torn strips and scraps will do perfectly), ribbon, sequins, Zazz glitter glue, double-sided tape, feathers, a small dowel (or chopstick), Mod Podge, and a paper plate.

MardiGrasMask02 MardiGrasMask03

2. Draw or print a mask shape onto paper, transfer to a paper plate, and cut out with scissors.

MardiGrasMask04 MardiGrasMask05

3. Cut paper scraps into assorted polygonal shapes. Cut larger shapes for children. (Rule of thumb: the younger the child, the larger the pieces!)


4. Brush Mod Podge on one small area of the mask at a time and arrange papers as in a mosaic. (Encourage young children to overlap shapes to fill the mask. Any paper hanging off the edge of the mask can be trimmed once dry.)


5. Continue applying Mod Podge and papers to completely fill the mask with a mosaic of color.


6. To give the entire mask a shimmery finish, brush on a generous coat of Zazz! glitter glue, and let dry.


Now your Mardi Gras mask is all ready to decorate!


7. Run a piece of This To That double-sided tape along the entire length of the dowel (or chopstick).


8. Wind ribbon around the dowel, starting at the bottom, adding feathers near the top. Secure the last inch of ribbon with tape and attach the dowel to the edge of the mask with another piece of tape. Snip the mask at the opposite end, rounding the corner as shown.


9. Staple 8-inch and 12-inch lengths of ribbon onto the back of the mask. Using glitter glue, adhere sequins above the eye holes.


And there you have it, a colorful Mardi Gras mask for play or decoration!


Create a Mardi Gras centerpiece by adding your mask to a clear vase filled with colorful beads! 


Happy Mardi Gras!