Geode Resin Coasters by Jerodelle Trinidad

Hello! So happy to be here again for another fun project! I love how American Crafts offers different types of craft items for us creatives to play with! Today, I have resin coasters to share with you.

I used the Color Pour Resin for these. I mixed equal parts of the resin and resin hardener. I took my time while mixing to avoid creating bubbles. After mixing I separated the mixture into 3 different cups.

In one cup I mixed in some gold colored flakes, in the other two cups I mixed in 3-4 drops of opaque dye, one in the color midnight and the other cup with the teal. Once I had my 3 colors, I was ready to pour into the Geode Coaster silicone molds.

I started with pouring the gold mixture in the middle first then the darker color (midnight) on the outside edge, and finally the teal in between both the gold and midnight color. Once I filled the entire coaster, I grabbed one of the silicone tools by Color Pour and I “poked” through from the outside in creating lines all around the mold to mix the different color without over mixing them. I then let it cure for 24 hours.

After curing, with the gold paint marker, I painted the edges of the coasters for a nice finishing touch.

I loved creating this project and the products were so easy to use! I know resin can be intimidating but give it a try! It is very addicting once you start playing with it!

Supplies used: Resin & Resin Hardener – 356669 , Silicone tools – 34002271, Geode Coaster Silicone Mold – 34001004, Gold Paint Marker – 357087, Opaque Dye – 34001021, Pouring Paint mix-in Set – Metallic – 359812