Flowerpot Tutorial by Patricia Roebuck

FLOWERPOTS by Patricia Roebuck

Supplies: Corrugated Cardstock 12×12 (35949) – Yes, Please, Little Trinket Paper (35983) – Lucky Charm, Perfect Paper (35932) – Yes, Please, Noteworthy Paper (35963) – Lucky Charm, Blue Skies Paper (35979) – Lucky Charm, Sweet Sadie Paper (35913) – My Girl, Starlight Paper (35981) – Lucky Charm, Trinkets & Phrases/Multi Chip Thickers Accent (42391) – Lucky Charm, Trinkets & Phrases/Neutral Chip Thickers Accent (42392) – Lucky Charm, Whittles Clothes Pins (85664) – My Girl, Double-Sided Red Tape (61754) – This to That, Silhouette, 3d Flower, Design ID #27361, Silhouette, Dear Lizzy Bee, Design ID #9946, Silhouette, Dogwood Blossom, Design ID #12151 


1) I gathered wire cutters, green 26 gauge wire, needle nose pliers, along with a tin and foam I purchased at the Dollar Tree. 


2) I cut flowers and a bee from patterned paper and gathered a few buttons. I picked colors and patterns that would stand out and work well together. 


3) Cut thin strips of patterned paper for the “grass.”


4) Fill your flowerpot with the green foam and the crumpled grass. As you add flowers, you can add more if needed to cover the foam.


5) When I cut the flowers out with the Silhouette, I ungrouped them and removed the center circle so I could pierce a smaller hole for the wire to go through. Cut the desired length of wire. TIP: Cut it longer and then shorten as needed. To keep the flower on the wire, loop the wire around the needle nose pliers a few times below the flower to rest on. 


6) So the flower doesn’t come off from the top, do the same thing above the flower and loop the wire around the needle nose pliers.


7) I mixed in some flowers with buttons on top. Repeat step 5, but for step 6, add the button. Loop the wire back through the button and the pierced hole on the flower. Then twist it around the stem. The twisting and how the wire comes out does not have to be perfect. It adds to the whimsy. 


8) Cut various lengths and widths of paper for the leaves.


9) Apply double-sided super sticky red tape to one or both sides, and adhere wire.


10) Sandwich the other piece of paper on top (so the leaves are the same on both sides), trim to make them look like leaves.


11) Cut desired length of wire. TIP: Make it longer and shorten as needed. Make a loop at one end. 


12) Apply a strong liquid glue to the wire and/or bee and hold until dry.


13) Now the fun part of arranging your flowerpot. Trim some of the wires down if needed as you push them into the foam.


14) Fill in more leaves and/or grass. Since the leaves are on wire, you can bend them to hang out of the flowerpot a little. For a finishing touch, I added chipboard and a clothespin to the front.


These are perfect for Mother’s Day and/or Teacher Appreciation gifts. They are also adorable in your kitchen window with no watering needed!