Favorite Photo Week!

Favorite Photo

Do you have a favorite photo? As memory keepers we love to take pictures and then scrap them or place them in DIY frames to look back on fun times! This week we're sharing our team's favorite photo and creative ways to display or scrapbook them. Check out this awesome frame with a favorite photo made by Nicole Samuels (Blog: Nicole Samuels | Instagram: @nicsamuels | Pinterest: @nsameuls | Twitter: @nicsamuels)

Nicole Samuels


Here is Nicole's current favorite photo:


Supplies: DIY Party – Paper Straws, Blue and White (369821); Whittles – Glitter and Fashion Color Clothespins (373333); Cardstock – 8.5×11 White (AC71273)

How to: Start with a 6×6 piece of white cardstock. Use the DIY Party straws to create a border around the edges of the white cardstock, cutting the straws down smaller and smaller as you get towards the center of the frame. Glue a clothespin to the top frame border so that it hangs down into the photo area a bit. Cut a 2×4" rectangle of white yardstick to make the frame stand.  Make a score line from one corner diagonally across the rectangle to an opposite corner. Fold along the scored line and glue down one of the “triangles” to the back of the frame to form a little frame stand. Clip your latest favorite photo to the frame and enjoy!