Fathers Layout by Gillian Nelson

Check out this fantastic fathers-themed layout created by Gillian Nelson (Blog: Gillian Nelson | Instagram: @gnelson05 | Pinterest: @gilliann | Twitter: @GillianNelson05)

Gillian Nelson


Supplies: Stitched (368980) – Die Cut Cardstock Shapes, (368977) – Shaped Paper Clips, (368981) – Die Cut Printed Chipboard, (STCHDS-68947) – Repeat Paper, (STCHDS-68949) – High Profile Paper; Cardstock (POW-71511) – Pow Glitter Paper/Silver, (AC712P12-47) – 12×12 Pack/Primaries; DIY Shop (366900) – Mini Stapler; Die Cut Machine – Silhouette Cameo

How to: Cut a title into the bottom third area of black cardstock with a die cut machine or a craft knife then trim the cardstock down to 8.5×11. Back the negative title space with patterned paper and POW glittered paper. Print photos in a grid leaving the upper left corner of the grid open. Adhere the photo block to the layout above the title. Cut a strip of patterned paper into a ribbon shape and layer it and a printed chipboard piece across the open area in the photo grid. Print journaling onto a small piece of vellum and staple the journaling block to the printed chipboard. Add a strip of patterned paper to the bottom of the layout. Embellish with a shaped paper clip and die cut cardstock shapes.


Coolest layout everrrr! 🙂