Fast & Fabulous Week!

Fast & Fabulous

Time is precious so the name of the game this week is to create projects that are awesome and made in under 30 minutes! Fast & Fabulous! Janna Werner begins this week with a pair of layouts:

Janna Werner


Supplies: Cut out accents (366060) – Thickers, collage (366057) – Thickers, clothespins (366208), large tags (366206), precisely (366032) – patterned paper, luminous lights (366175) – patterned paper, Cutup 5" (64200) – Scissors, Double-Sided Super Sticky Tape (61753) – This To That Adhesive

How to: Take a patterned paper, cut off approximately 1" on two sides, and adhere it onto a piece of 12×12" white cardstock. Put a transparency on top and use a sewing machine to attach it to the cardstock (you can also use double sided adhesive in those areas where you will put something on top). Gather a few scraps and/or cut a few patterned papers that you will attach behind the photo. Again, use a sewing machine to fix the papers. Add a clothespin to the photo and adhere the photo with 3D foam dots (only on the top part of the photo) and double sided adhesive (only on the bottom part of the photo). Glue paper and photos onto the transparency and add stickers plus a title. Add a tag and a few stickers on the top right to highlight the corner. If you like, apply stitches onto the tag. And you are done!

Supplies: Foliage (366532) – die cut cardstock shapes, printed wood buttons (366531), junebug (366529) – Thickers, oak leaf (366527) – Thickers, hickory (366534) – decorated paper clips, stickers (366535) – cardstock stickers, elm (366520) – patterned paper, harvest (366525) – patterned paper, autumn (366514) – patterned paper, cedar (366523) – patterned paper, poplar (366524) – patterned paper, walnut (366518) – patterned paper, Cutup 5" (64200) – Scissors, Double-Sided Super Sticky Tape (61753) – This To That Adhesive

How to: Choose a decent paper for the background then cut a 12×12" patterned paper to 6×12". Put the second paper on top of the background. Adhere it with double sided adhesive, if you like, you can sew onto it. Cut a thin stripe from another patterned paper, as well as a triangle (use the same paper or another one). Adhere the stripe on the bottom part of the 6×12" paper and the triangle on the top right corner. If you like, you can bend the top left edge of the 6×12" paper (use double sided adhesive or a hot glue gun). Now decorate the center of the page by layering 2 to 3 patterned papers that are slightly bigger than your photo. Glue the papers and the photo down, add stickers and a title on one side. Use double sided adhesive to attach a button and you are done!