Fall Cards by Evelyn Yusuf


Our final fall-themed post is a pair of beautiful cards designed by Evelyn Yusuf (Blog: Evelyn Yusuf | Instagram: @geekgalz | Pinterest: @geekgalz | Twitter: @geekgalz | Facebook: Evelyn Yusuf)

Evelyn Yusuf


Fall cards cover by Evelynpy
Supplies: Cedar Lane Park Place (310059), Cedar Lane Market Square (310050), Cedar Lane Riverside Lane (310060), Cedar Lane Town Square (310051), Cedar Lane Washi Tape Booklet (310068), Cedar Lane Arrow Glittered Gold (310074), Cedar Lane Fabric Tags (310072), Cedar Lane Thickers (310071), Cedar Lane Ephemera (310069)

Falll cards 1 by evelynpy

Designer notes: Fall actually isn’t my thing here in Indonesia. But I don’t mind to show how grateful and thankful I am to the ones that I love. I made two fall cards layout and each card has a positive word such as Grateful and Thank You. It's a perfect time to show your honest feelings using cards.

I did some layering, mixing a fox, acorn, some flowers, and brown embellishments into one card. I do falling in love with fall color combo, they are nice and warm. Those cards that I created are perfect to accompany your fall gifts.

Fall cards by Evelynpy

Hope this post inspires you to create some pretty cards!